Experience from Glasgow in Law…

In 2017 antisocial neighbours made false allegations against me to police, although not serious charges, it led to me being arrested and remanded in police custody with severe mental health conditions, over the years I have had no access to justice or a fair trial & was given a lifetime ASBO for charges that are not serious.

The lawyers that were meant to help me , completely ignored my case, I discovered that I am a victim of the cruel broken criminal justice system, where you are treated in a subhuman way.

A lawyer informed me that I was charged with assaulting a neighbour, I explained to him that it was another woman who committed the assault & that she pleaded guilty and was convicted in court, in desperation I asked the woman to contact the lawyer, & she informed him that it was her that assaulted the neighbour & plead guilty in court , and to my horror the lawyer informed me that there is no court record of the woman conviction & that I was going to trial , I registered a complaint to the Procurator Fiscal as to why this serious mistake happened & how can court records go missing.

My human rights have been violated on every level. Thank you for taking the time to read my serious concerns, Irene Brittain.

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